Red Panda Radio™ Overview

Red Panda Radio™ is built on the same broadcasting technology that powers Wisecast Television.  The Ethan 6.7 Broadcasting Core makes broadcasting 24-hour live concurrent radio stations possible.  The system leverages a powerful Microsoft enterprise architecture and a proprietary broadcasting core complete with DVR and archiving functionality.  The broadcasting console allows us to deploy radio studios with very little hardware while exceeding the quality of traditional AM/FM, Satellite and even modern internet radio sites.


  • 24 x 7 digital quality radio broadcasting.
  • Time-shifted broadcast stations with continuous shows.
  • Listeners enjoy broadcasts from PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices and Amazon Kindle.
  • Targeted dynamic ad insertion via AdNET.
  • Revenue sharing for station owners and broadcasters.
  • Archiving with unlimited distribution storage capacity on the Red Panda Radio™ website.
  • Hybrid core music integrated with your local playlists and sound FX.
  • Unlimited listeners.
  • Unlimited callers.
  • Retain 100% ownership of your content, business and brand.
  • Broadcast from inside our studio or our engineers will build your studio for you.
  • Live remote broadcast capabilities.
  • Professional support.

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